Placing google adsense code inside iframe is not allowed

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Google recently came up with its revised policy on AdSense. The revised program was announced last week. According to the recently revised policy, the publisher of the mentioned brand will not be able to use adds relevant to Google within the bounds of their web page. Google has particular reservation regarding the use of IFRAME. In particular, the ads making use of IFRAME will not be permitted within the limits of their webpage. Incidentally, Google has never encouraged the use of IFRAME.

However, in their revised policy, Google has come clear about its standpoint regarding AdSense, insisting that at no point of time will they insist on the alteration of code and standardized mode of functioning. Neither will Google have any say about its target. But, at the same time it has clarified clicking ads of Google, or having them launched using their new browser will not fetch permission.

In this context Google has clarified that their technology does not have necessary compatibility to ads located within the bounds of IFRAME. Consequently, separate use of such a technique will lead to the minimized generation of ads. So instead of depending on technique different in nature and denomination; AdSense should implement Google’s ad code directly without bringing any irrelevant input in between.

However ads or contents exhibited by means of Hyper Text Markup Language may not come under the purview of this policy. Google merely insists that ads published for the Google should be relevant to the content and structure of it. In case, AdSense looks forward to publishing Google’s ads in their web page; they are permitted to do the same, provided they do not use IFRAME.

Publishers dealing with ad publications have often resorted to the use of IFRAME; accustomed to embedding Google’s ads within IFRAME. But, bearing in mind the revised standpoint; such practices will not be encouraged.


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