Poonam Pandey Offered Rs 2 Crore worth Contract for Big Boss 5

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If you bake your heart in warm sunlight backfired from the young sun, you will feel overheated in joy and excitement as life is really colorful. Make your life so easy to lead. Let your mind gamboling across the deep evergreen lawn to play with multicolored butterflies. Poonam Pandey is an exceptional beautiful lady whose charismatic face is really charming. However, what she feels proud of owning is her terrific sexual appeal with hot and juicy body language. Her expression seems to electrify the dead soul and make someone wild in nature.

Poonam Pandey has showcased her bravery by giving a fantastic promise to her fans. She declared that she would appear naked in public if India won the match. The fact is that eventually she could keep her word due to some special reasons. She has been offered total two crore rupees for acting in Big Boss 5 version. This 21 year old sexy baby is happy on hearing such wonderful offer. There is another stunt for people.

One of the former cricketers will tell Poonam to keep her old promise which she had made at the time of world cup match. She could strip herself in the green room. However, finally Poonam retreated from her promise.

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