Portronics Electropen details and exciting features

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Portronics has released an Electropen that is an instrument that can turn scribbles into text that can be edited. The major chunk of the world now is using smartphones, laptops, and tablets for writing text. At the wake of the hour when writing with a pen on the piece of paper is on the decline. Portronics believes that this tool- Electropen- will be a revolutionary discovery.

Portronics’ Electropen can identify and sketch the handwritten text of the user on paper and can send them to the computer directly.

Electropen follows a four-step process. That includes-

  • Takes handwritten text
  • Saves them in the device’s memory
  • Transforms handwritten notes into text that can be edited
  • Sends them to the user’s computer

It uses two modes of working. The two modes are Online and Offline. The two technologies that the Electropen uses include Infrared and Ultrasound.

The offline mode has been designed especially for the students, executives and the doctors who would like to recover data quickly. This instrument records the movements and saves the data in the memory. Users can access this data in the pen any time later to convert it into text that can be edited on the PC.

Online mode is the advanced mode where users have to attach either body or clip to the pc during writing. The online mode provides options such as tracing and drawing.

There is also the provision of software that can zoom the writing in real-time by using a projector. There is a feature called the ‘signature mode’ that allows the users to record different signatures and save the digital copies. This pen works best when using a A4- letter-sized document. The battery is rechargeable. The battery life of this pen is 30 hrs. This pen comes at a price of Rs 7,999 in India.

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