PVDF Belt :converts air flow from human breath into electricity

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American researchers are always curious to know more to invent better devices. Recently, they have made an electronic apparatus which can turn the breathable air into electricity. Human respiration process can be recycled to generate electricity which will be used to power the biomedical devices. There is no necessity of the plantation of ion batteries to activate the biomedical devices. This ultra modern electricity generating unit is much more eco-friendly and functional.

Xudong Wang, the well known researcher at University of Wisconsin-Madison, has made an attempt to upgrade this device to produce electricity using the air flow which ensures respiration process of humans.

It is important to note that humans conduct respiration in slow but steadfast way. The air flow rate is generally low. However if one installs this nano-scale medical device to generate energy, he will be able to provide energy/electricity to the small biomedical devices.

Xudong’s research team has manufactured PVDF belt which is more flexible, dynamic and being capable of harvesting energy making proper usage of airflow. PVDF belt will have an excellent operating system.

If the PVDF belt is invented and launched into the market successfully, there will be no necessity of plantation of any lithium battery into the biomedical devices. This energy efficient belt will gear up the electricity for the activation of power generating belts. You will have better options to generate power. Even according to experts, it will not be difficult to power the musical infotainment using this power generating unit. However, still experiment is on to upgrade the power belt using more user-friendly technology.

Masao Kaneko who is a researcher at the institute of Biophotochemonics located in Japan claims that in medical science, this type of biomedical belt will come handy to lessen the expenses to some extent. Human respiration will be properly recycled to waste breathable air for the production of eco-friendly energy which is not detrimental to the health of humans.

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