Renault Launches 2014 Fluence Facelift In Malaysia

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Renault finally launched the all new Fluence Facelift which has been recently launched in Malaysia and the car has been offered new price tag that is good for the customers. The bard is already ready for sale in India and the model is also launched in Malaysia which is basically sedan class. The car has been featured with new specifications and innovative engine down the lobe that help sin giving new and improved feature with its body line. This all makes the car a model to reckon with and you can find it illustrious with new ranges of features.

The car has been featured with 2.0 liter and the car comes with diesel as well as petrol which comes with four cylinders and the engine generates with 195 newton meter with a torque level and the output power generated is around 143 horse power. The model is available in all new types of features such as X tronic CVt gear box. The mileage and carbon efficiency rate is also quiet good and advanced with this model which comes to around 7.7 liter per 100 kilometer. The model runs fast and the top speed of the engine has been found to around 190 kilometer power hour and the car switches from 0 to 100 kilometer per hour within 10 seconds.

The car has been priced to around 20,95,213 in Indian currency and the base price of the model has been around 13,99,000 INR. The features and new ranges of specialties that come with the model is quite advanced and improved which makes it good enough to opt for. There are accessories such as seat cover, MP3 music system and USB connection that comes along with the car and this all makes it advanced and good enough for usage.

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