Rooney made to do ‘walk of shame by Capello

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London, Sept.7 (ANI): Disgraced Manchester United and England striker Wayne Rooney was forced to do a long “walk of shame” yesterday as he boarded the England team jet.

According to The Sun, coach-cum-manager Fabio Capello ordered Rooney to walk ahead of his teammates and climb the aircraft stairs on his own in front of TV camera crews from around the world.

Insiders said it was part of the manager’s “treatment” for players whose behaviour slipped below Fabio’s expected standards.

It meant Rooney, still wearing his wedding ring, walked up the plane’s steps alone as fellow England players watched from the tarmac at Luton Airport.

One onlooker said: “He looked isolated and miserable. He took big strides as if he couldn’t wait to get inside. It looked like a real walk of shame. I guess he deserves it. But I’m not sure how good it was for building team spirit.”

Fabio was next to board the flight to Basel, Switzerland.

An insider said: “The message appears to be: ‘You’ve brought all this media attention on us, so you can take it hardest.” (ANI)

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