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Sakshi Pradhan MMS had become the common talk on the various forums across the  web & Mobile messsages. The people are eagerly searching for her s*x video across the web . However, there is no authentication that girl in the MMS video is the “MTV Splitsvilla” season 2 winner.

The keyword “sakshi pradhan mms video download” hits serveral times in google trends & common talk among college boys

“MTV Splitsvilla” season 2 Sakshi Pradhan was not available for any comments & rumours, The media outlets are still speculating if the girl in the MMS video is “Sakshi Pradhan” or not. Some sources are of the opinion that the girl in the video might be the “MTV Splitsvilla” winner as she has the same tattoo on her triceps like Sakshi Pradhan. The MMS video has recently become a rage on the Internet and it is reported that the video is available on many websites and many web-blogs. A reputed media source reported that Sakshi Pradhan will be one of the contestants of much anticipated reality show “Big Boss” season 4. However, the channel officials have not yet revealed the power-house star cast of the show. The cast of “Big Boss 4″ would be revealed later today during the season premiere.


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