Samsung 8 Core Processor ready for 2013 launch

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There is a buzz that Samsung is planning to launch it 8 core processor at the International Solid State Circuit Conference in the coming year. This processor combines high power Cortex A-5 cores along with Cortex A-7 cores. Both these combined together make it extremely powerful. This set of chip is the first to use the big.Little technology.

This chipset will probably be released by a particular Korean Company. It can switch between the high power clusters and the low power clusters according to the load which will be applied. This will enable efficient use of the mobile and a good life of the battery. This core will give very high speed performances making the mobile extremely fast.

This chipset will also enable very fast connection. Thus the core clusters will become very useful when a person wants to make fast connections through the internet or Bluetooth.

The two types of cores will give two different performance speed. This is the reason why the processor will make the cell phones fast. It will depend on the type of function the mobile will be performing at a particular point of time. This will be used in Tablets first, like the new Samsung Galaxy S IV.

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