Saudi Arab-Still against Permission Given to Women to Drive Cars

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Saudi Arab is becoming dear to female dome as it has given different amenities and rights to women emancipation wings for participating into nation building activities. However, this ME country is not lenient to female street navigators. There is no legal permission for females living in Saudi Arab for driving cars. Recently a woman was caught red handed for driving cars in the street. On being asked, the female driver confessed that she was in hurry to reach clinic for treatment as she was suffering from hemorrhage.

Women 2Drive female emancipation group has protested against the drastic decision taken by cops in Saudi Arab. According to female activists, every woman has the right to drive car for her own purpose. It is the one of the major obstacles in the Arabian communities that women are boxed up within four walls. They must be given lot of freedom and emancipation to showcase their own talents. Car driving has become a major issue and the women activists and social reformers are not willing to come to a compromise on this issue.

After arrest warrant being served to this Arabian lady, a number of European countries have lodged protests. There are many non profit social reforming schools and the female emancipation groups which have taken strong exception to the awkward decision taken by the higher authority of Saudi Arabian government.

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