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Scalp acne is caused due to blockage of skin pores or sometimes due to inflammation of the sebaceous glands. When these oil glands present at the head of the hair follicle, people irrespective of their ages suffer from acne on scalp disease. Research shows that scalp acne is common with men although women and children do sometime gets effected by this disease, but such instances are very rare. In most cases, scalp acne develops pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, cysts or nodules at the base of the hair and mainly on the front hairline.

This disease Scalp acne is caused due to various reasons. Reasons often vary from case to case. Some of the common reasons are, high level of stress and tension that results in more oil secretion, some hair care products often fails to match the hair type and cause irritation and pimples in the scalp, often due to excessive oil secretion from the sebaceous glands leads to such condition, skin inflammation can be also caused due to viral infections like chicken pox and etc last but not the least acne spreads through bathing towels and clothes also. Public spas and message salons should be avoided as acne infection is very quickly transferred from one body to another from the public bath houses.

  • Home based remedies to fight scalp acne;
  • Use herbal anti dandruff shampoos to clean your hair.
  • Avoid spicy food. Add more fresh fruits and green vegetables in your diet.
  • Apply salicylic acid in the affected area with the help of cotton or wool.
  • For quick healing apply benzoyl peroxide on the pimples or acne
  • Apply groundnut oil to heal pimples, pustules or nodules.
  • Wash your hair with coal tar shampoo to reduce the itching,
  • Apply anti itching product on the effected area.

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