Sex Trade- Exposed-Kingpin- Arrested

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Sex is always irresistible. Therefore, one should have control over the sexual desire and erotic passion. However, there are many persons who distort the meaning of sex. Sex is a biological instinct which can be enjoyed and utilized for supporting the human existence and the formation of the society.

On the other hand, sex can be detrimental if it is manhandled. Flesh trade is becoming a menace in Asian countries like India and Pakistan. Call girls, harlots and pimps are earning huge amount of money by encouraging prostitution. Najma Khan is a cute and sophisticated high profile lady who gives undue indulgence in unfair sex. She has applied her sexual drive to increase the volume of wealth and financial resources. Her fashionable aerodynamic car is Rs 40 lakh in value. Even she has close link with Saudi Arabian pimps for delivering girls for flesh trade. Chhaya Sharma, who is believed to be the Deputy Commissioner of Police (South Division) has arrested Najma along with other four prostitutes including two first hand pimps.

Police schemed to entrap these culprits. They were in the disguise of clients and went straight to pimps for women. Pimps demanded 40 thousand rupees and 10 thousand rupees for charges to hire girls. They were taken to hideouts for further transaction. Meanwhile, Najma appeared in the scenario. They were nabbed by police department.

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