Shah Rukh Khan in Ra.One bollywood movie first look

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Shah Rukh Khan is a well known actor. His fame has spread all over the world. However, Shah Rukh Khan wants to act in films as long as he will live in the world. Recently, this evergreen Bollywood supremo has completed Ra.One bike related shooting which has earned caboodle of rewards and appreciation from movie viewers.

The special feature of this new movie is a beautiful street hawk which has been designed by Sabu Cyril. He is confident of increasing the popularity of the movie. Shah Rukh Khan will be tracked riding this bike in the movie. This middle aged actor has acted in numerous movies. He has bagged national and international accolades for his terrific performance records. However, he is still searching for more rewards, citation and appreciation.

According to him, he has applied his innovative ideas and talent to punch the flavor in this movie. Other actors and actresses who have played in this movie are Kareena Kapoor, Rampal, Priyanka Chopra and Sanju Baba(Sanjay Dutt). This Bollywood movie has been directed with care to heighten up the glamour and color of the film. The director is happy to admit that after hitting the box offices in different parts of the country, this movie will bring more appreciation and reward.

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