Shashi Tharoor Marriage with Sunanda Pushkar photos

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Former Union minister Shashi Tharoor has made public his plans to marry Sunanda Pushkar later this month. In an e-mail to friends and family, Tharoor said he would marry Pushkar at his “crumbling 200-year-old ancestral home” in Elavanchery village of Palakkad district in Kerala on August 22.

The marriage would be followed by a “modest reception” in Thiruvananthapuram, “my constituency”, on August 23 and another reception in Delhi on September 3. The email is the first formal admission by Tharoor of his marriage plans.

Tharoor, in a message on Twitter, said he was horrified to see the card on TV channels on Friday before his friends had received them. “Has our media no decency?” he had asked.

“I have lived through a great deal of unrest… the prospect of being able to have a real home at last, with a woman I love and wish I had met many years ago, will only strengthen me in facing the challenges of public service that lie ahead,” his email stated.

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