Shashi Tharoor Third Marriage wedding with Sunanda Pushkar Photos

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Minister of state for external affairs, Shashi Tharoor is getting married for the third time after he had divorced his Canadian wife, Christa Giles, who is an existing civil servant working for United States Disarmament affairs.

Reportedly, the new bride of Shashi Tharoor happens to be a Kashmiri girl who is also a beautician and owns a spa in Dubai. Shashi Tharoor is in the midst of a marital crisis as the ex wife is giving him a hard time over the divorce papers which are due to be signed. Following the divorce, Shashi Tharoor shall enter the wedlock with Sunanda. If all goes well then Shashi Tharoor will be the second minister who shall be tying the wedding knot while in his duties. The first minister to have settled the wedding knot was minister of state for petroleum, Jitin Prasad who got married last month.

Media reports claim that Shashi Tharoor has been spotted with Sunanda in many parties and occasions where she kept the company of the minister. Shashi Tharoor’s first wife was Tilottama Mukherji who had been a long time friend of Shashi Tharror right from his school days back in Kolkata.

The Union minister of state for external affairs Shashi Tharoor had been to Shillong in a recent visit attending the release of “Naturenomics2.0 and 3.0 series” which are books that are being brought about by the Managed Services (GMS). Shashi Tharoor said that Assam as a state should take the initiative to lead the entire nation for an all round carbon-neutral progress which shall be extremely beneficial for the nation as of a whole.

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