Is Shilpa shetty expecting baby???

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The sexiest cute baby gonna to deliver her unborn sweetheart soon to meet the expectation of her hubby Raj Kundra. Yea, your assumption is 100 percent perfect. Shilpa Shetty is going to give birth to her baby. She is conceiving. It is good news for her hubby who wants a healthy baby to keep the family line-up in high stature. Let the sun pop up in the sky usually just like yesterday.

Let the sweet breeze blow idly to shake few petals of roses to produce an ultra-light effect of romance and camaraderie. Maybe more but it is explicit that Shilpa is a glamorous cute female actress whose physical charisma and mind blowing smile can energize an injured oldie to have raw fun in meeting young gals for dating. Both Shilpa and Raj Kundra are happy and in jocund mood.

Last year, Shilpa suffered from miscarriage. However, this time, the wheel of fortune turned in her favor and made her more optimistic to let a shaft of bright sunlight rimming her body to energize her to gift little sweetheart to soothe the heart of her soul mate. Her concept baby must guide human souls to reach the perfection in life through the holy communion with charismatic glow of enlightenment. Her baby will be more brilliant, beautiful and more powerful to bring charismatic flash from the hands of Ave Maria to disperse the darkness of the world

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