Sonata Touch screen time display Watch at Rs 1500

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Sonata which is the leading vendor enjoying the partnership with Titan India Ltd has released a sophisticated touch-screen watch. It is a hi-tech digital time-piece with a superb curb appeal.

Sonata has gifted this luxurious touch screen watch to mark Sonata Super Fibre Ocean Series. It is its first attempt to capture the domestic market in India by releasing ergonomically designed touch-screen watch at comfortable price range. According to experts, this ultra-light watch is water resistant with a number of marvelous features like stop watch facility, landscape calendars, time and date displaying units.

Noel Tata who is a well known director of Titan Industries Ltd has been tracked saying that this new touch screen watch has opened new gateways to welcome ultramodern technology to design the wrist watches. At low rates, Sonata has sold many fashionable watches. Right now, this touch screen wrist watch is available for Rs.1449. So comparatively, it is cheaper. The superb exterior design of this touch screen watch will inspire buyers to purchase these durable cost effective watches.

Experts of Sonata has confirmed that this light weighted wrist watch has the water proof feature. That means, your smart watch will not be damaged even dipping it into water. For more reliable information, you will have to check technical specifications of this fantastic device.

At present, there will be three colors for choosing. You need to check the colorful snapshots and read product reviews to get authentic information in relation to the color contrast and features of this touch screen watch. Every model has been tested several times before introduction. Sonata will increase the sales by producing more touch screen watches for Indian consumers. In the superb logo of the company has been designed on the face of the watch. This touch screen watch must smarten up a young boy

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