Sony Playstation Plus deatils and features

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Playstation Plus will be available at comparatively low prices. Playstation 3 was free for gamers to download different online games. However, Sony has decided to launch a premium subscription package for online customers.

Playstation Plus is offering a number of advantages to assist gamers to enjoy video games in a care free manner. Playstation Plus is a hi-tech video gaming platform. There is an excellent free game downloading opportunity for this month starting. Total four extraordinary video games are being offered by Sony. These popular four games are Red Dead Redemption, Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Double Dragon and Machinarium. The free game download offer will be valid till 2nd October.

Four games have earned publicity and appreciation due to superb color picture elements, marvelous background setting and animated images. The theme of Red Dead Redemption is based on adventure, piracy and subterfuge. John Marston is an ordinary gentleman who has faced a traumatic showdown when his sweetheart and kids have been abducted by Ross. His family members were harassed by urchins. Marston needs to be more aggressive to catch Ross. He should plot carefully to track Williams who is an ex-partner of his business.

In Scott Pilgrim vs The World, you will find a touch of raw romantic glamour mixed with adventure. Ramona is the sexy lady who has the power to entice Scott. This game will be available from 12 September to 4th December. The graphic designs of these four games are remarkable. You can play these four games to spend vacation with your family members. However, the offer is exclusively meant for those who must subscribe to use the Playstation Plus video game platform. If you like to enjoy this free video game download offer, you need to be a subscriber.

After the 25% discount, the reduced subscription charge to use Playstation Plus will be something around Rs.2200. So it is a marvelous opportunity for young gamers.

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