Sony Xperia U android smart phone features and details

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Sony has had bagged accolades and lot of chocolates as a token of appreciation and love. The reason is easy to understand. Sony has gifted Xperia mobile phones to people. These mobile phones are eco-friendly, stylish and colorful. Xperia S and P editions are so charming to look that you will get back full confidence to appear smart and dandy. However, Sony has no limitations to do researches for upgrading models.

Recently, the management of this company has finalized a deal regarding the release of the Xperia U handset. It is the mobile phone which will be small, flexible and cheap comparing to its forefathers. Its color contrast, curb appeal and interior circuit box are up to the mark and of course ultra-modern. Xperia U edition is easy to dart. You can stuff it into the pocket of your shirt. Xperia U is equipped with a glossy chassis. It is scratch resistant. A durable 3.5 inch displayed screen has been installed to improve the exterior design of the handset. The processor should be ok to accelerate the speed of data transfer. A hi-tech dual-core NovaThor U8500 processor generates 1 GHz speed. Besides, a 4gb data storage unit and a 512 MB RAM have been shortlisted for the upgradation of the mobile handset. Mali-400MP graphics attachment will be used for installation to make the mobile handset much more handy and sophisticated.

In a press release, the managing director of Sony has confirmed the introduction of this futuristic model to people very soon. The portability of the mobile handset is suitable to executives, students and high profile ladies who can carry their small handsets anywhere else. The price range of this handset will be affordable. However there is no information regarding the prices of this U handset to date. Maybe after the premier show, the company will flash a new price chart on this U mobile handset.

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