Special 3D Technology without Any Eye-care Accessory to View Pictures

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People like to get more innovative technology to feel a speed in life. Advancement in science and technology should be welcome cordially. Better to say, instead of lamenting in despair over the loss of some antique artifacts, one should be more enthusiastic to handpick a sophisticated device which ensures better performance with eco-friendly features.

After getting terrific success in using the 3D effect in creating pictures, movies and animated video games, experts are trying to invent more powerful devices to bring golden opportunity to users for watching movies on 3D format without eye care accessories. A team of specially trained engineers serving at Massachusetts Institute of Technology institute have turbo charged their mind to make a first hand multimedia entertainment hub with a formatted 3D visual effect.

3DS console of Nintendo is one of the sophisticated devices which don’t need any special glass or protector to give ring of safeguards to viewers to play games and watch movies. Images will be more colorful, natural and dazzling. The animated objects will have life to appear more vibrant and glamorous. Two layers of liquid crystal diode to insulate the display screen enhance the depth of the images. Eyes won’t be injured or harmed. Better to say, while watching online video games on Nintendo’s 3DS console, viewers must have a soothing sensation. There is also excellent color adjustment mode for the benefit of proper visual impact.

High Rank 3D (HR3D) must give you more realistic images with impressive image editing, and displaying options. It enhances true merging of different segments of pictures in an organized way to create a marvelous large landscape picture which is more dynamic in nature. Third layer of LCD screen filters the images which need to be more presentable to viewers. The fictitious images will be more natural due to proper application of advanced 3D technology. When you keep your eyes on to watch the running horses, blow of swinging wind and constant spray of fire balls on Nintendo 3DS console, you will be heated up in raw charm and excitement. In near future movie lovers will have excellent options to watch their favorite movies on the silver screen without wearing 3D viewing glasses.

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