Stop Online Piracy Act Version 2.0 Can Snatch Sweet Dreams from Many Webmasters – Why?

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The severity of online piracy has compelled the House Judiciary Committee to face a showdown with website owners and blog operators who run their sites to obtain profits in huge volume. However, they are not agreed to stop giving indulgence to online piracy. House Judiciary Committee members have finally taken a drastic measure to cast votes on the SOPA bill which has been tailored to prevent online piracy and tampering.

As per the revised rules set by SOPA, any professional webmaster, blog writer, online portal and SEO service provider whoever he maybe will be accountable to the bench of the jury of the honorable court in the USA. They will be penalized severely if they are found encouraging themselves in boosting up computer hacking, piracy and forgery to steal content from other sites. Their site ownership rights will be cancelled or nullified.

In this connection the unforgettable official statement submitted by Lamar Smith who is said to be the chairman of the House Judiciary department and sponsor member of SOPA bill, online piracy should be stopped. He can’t understand the reason of raising fingers of many webmasters against this court order. To prevent the cancellation of the website for boosting online piracy, the court in America has had to take strong measures to enforce SOPA. He has further said that there is nothing wrong to take legal action against online piracy operators. Google, Yahoo and other SEO service providers should not be feared for this final verdict. Fake sites must be removed to accelerate the quality of the content. To launch this newly update SOPA , if any private institute or online site feels an obstruction for the speedy growth of the business via online, US higher authority will not invite anyone for table discussion. SOPA will surely minimize the onset of piracy and site tampering.

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