Rahul Dimpy Divorce|Rahul Dimpy Marriage Divorce News

Rahul Mahajan and Dimpy Ganguly got married not long ago despite their past relationships. Because they ignored each other’s past partners everyone was thinking that both of them are very forgiving and would compromise with each other’s behavior in the future as well. Well at least that was the general perception because if some totally ignores the to-be life partner’s previous lover then it does mean that person doesn’t care about the life partner’s past and just cares about the future that they are going to see together. That is indeed a beautiful thought and for the most part such a start gets off to a wonderful married life because the partner who had previous relationships, seeing that the spouse has forgiven or ignored those relationships becomes very shamed and humble, and avoids any further encounter with anyone other than the spouse, but the situation becomes complex when both partners had previous relationships.

The Rahul Dimpy case is the same. Initially they forgot each other’s previous relationships but right after their honeymoon they started to get in touch with their respective past partners again; Dimpy contacted her previous boyfriend on Face Book and according to Dimpy Rahul also keeps in touch with his ex girlfriends.

All this commotion caused a Rahul Dimpy Divorce being filed and the incident becoming national news. It is known that Dimpy was the one who started the dispute by participating in a bikini shoot without her husband’s permission, and she herself filed the apparent divorce.