Next-Gen SSDNow V Series Announced by Kingston

Kingston digital has announced the arrival of its latest solid state drive model. It is the SSDNow V series. This drive is not only powerful, but also cost effective. This new drive is for all those who look for cheaper yet good working drives. This drive is the best way to upgrade a person’s existing desktops or notebook.

This drive is much faster than the older drives. This drive has been powered by the Flash Storage Processor by SandForce. This is exclusively modeled for Kingston. Thus, Kingston Company has merged the best quality with great affordability. This is a great option for people who are doing an upgrade for the first time or using an SSD for the first time.

Over the years Kingston has proved to be the giver of the greatest accessories. They have given each customer the best performances. With the new drive, Kingston hopes to reach newer levels of success. This SSD is available in two forms. Either a person can buy the standalone version of the drive or he can buy it as a complete packaged system. The package has a cloning- software and many other accessories. This comes with a warranty of three years.