Tata Aria Crossover going to Re-Launch in 2013

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Tata Aria had been unveiled first in January 2010. It was done in a festival called Auto Expo which is held in Delhi every year. Later it was introduced to the customers in the month of October. Although the company had very high hopes for the car, thinking it to be pretty successful, and the new car however did not manage to please the customers. There were various features that did not appeal to the masses. The price was of the car was also very high and hence, people did not buy it much.

In order to make up for the losses Tata thought of re-working on the model. The brought out a newer model, a modified version of the original Aria, but this too failed in the market and sold very less. However, latest news tells us that, Tata has not yet lost all hopes on the model, and is planning a re-launch of the model in 2013. The Tata Company has taken up this matter very seriously, and has been thinking of making many important changes in the upcoming model. Most probably, the company is going to improvise upon the quality of the model and is also going to introduce a new price of the car.

SUVs are extremely in demand in the recent market. However, this car is among those few which have attracted the least number of customers over the past few years. Another important reason which led to the failure of this car is the launching of Innova. Innova is the mark of spaciousness, and the new car of Tata was compared with Innova many a times. This car is more expensive than the former. However, Tata is that company whose service is known worldwide. Hence, everybody continues to have great hopes for it whatsoever.

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