Temple for the Gods of Indian Cricket

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Manoj Tiwari, the famous Bhojpuri actor announced that he will build a temple for the Indian Cricket legends, Sachin Tendulkar and Captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni at his village Atarwalia located at Kaimur district in Bihar.

The site of the temple has already been finalized. The actor has purchased the temple site and has decided to spend Rs 3 crore in the construction.

In an interview, Manoj Tiwari commented, that the cricketers, Sachin and Dhoni have continuously provided entertainment and delighted their fans by consistent performance. Hence, as an ardent cricket fan he believes their service to Indian Cricket and to their fans, is similar to the God’s service to his disciple. And as their admirers worship them like idols, the decision of constructing the temple came to him quiet naturally.

Inside the temple, the statue of Sachin Tendulkar and M S Dhoni will be prominently placed. The decoration of the temple will be based on the World Cup 2011 theme. As a tribute to the 2011 World Cup success, the interior of the temple will be adorned with oil paintings featuring team members of the Cup.

To provide cricket coaching, Tiwari plans to construct a world-class cricket arena beside the temple in future.

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