The Sports world depends on the innovations of Nike

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Nike’s fresh contribution, to the products meant chiefly for athletes, has made the world at large take notice. It is the stroboscopic eyewear made for the sportspersons to advance their sensory skills, escalating their hand–eye coordination, and also improve their visual memory giving them an edge over their fellow athletes.

The Sparq Vapor Strobe eyewear uses strobe or flash effects, which is user-adjustable to block vision. This trains the athletes’ brain to expect what is approaching. This sequentially imparts the sportspersons with an oversensitive skill to pick up even faint motion signals, enhanced visual information and better-quality timing of motion. This in turn improves the muscles to be quick to respond and reactive making the athletes make a better move in their game.

To prove this, Nike custom-built a study at the Duke’s Institute for Brain Sciences that focused on “stroboscopic training” using this eyewear. The participants engaged in a number of physical activities using Nike’s eyewear and also standard lenses. They were also analyzed using computer-generated memory tests. This try out found out that this eyewear can heighten memory retention capacity up to 24hours and also improve their hand-eye co-ordination.

These keep the sportsmen absolutely relaxed while they have this eyewear on, as they have adjustable nose pads and the straps keep it secure while the athletes carry on their energetic exercise. Also the curved LCD lenses provide them with an unhindered vision. Thus, these will quickly be acknowledged as a part of their attire.

Nike, one of the major sponsors of sport, has made a ground-breaking contribution to the sports gears with this stroboscopic eyewear. One can purchase it for 300$ and it comes with a battery-life of 10-15 hours rechargeable using an USB cable. Thus this new move made by Nike, drives us to think of what could come next.

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