Tips to increase car mileage

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One common concern of drivers all around the world is fuel efficiency/ mileage. Regular car owners always look to  get the best efficiency out of their cars. What drives them is the simple fact that better good mileage means good savings. Though every vehicle comes with a standard mileage performance depending on its engine, it can be improved by following several driving techniques and car related practices. Especially in countries like India, mileage is a huge issue. Car makers often build models specifically for the Indian market with more efficiency than usual. if you are keen on saving a few bucks and cut down on your petrol station visits, you can consider the following tips.

  • Slow speed– cars deliver their best mileage when driven in 60 to 80 km per hour speed. Try to stick to this speed range as much as possible.. People often race their cars on the highway without knowing that going over this speed range reduces efficiency significantly. Frequent braking also affects fuel mileage
  • Smooth handling– while changing gears or giving throttle inputs try to as gentle as possible. Avoid pushing the accelerator with all your leg strength. Try slowing down well in advanced. If you keep your foot pinned with the pedal and then hit the brakes at the last moment, not only will it add wear and tear to your car components but will also reduce mileage.
  • Use the low gears– some drivers have this tendency of not downshifting at all. They even scale the road bumpers on a high gear. But it damages the car in the long run and also consumes extra fuel and affects the car’s mileage. Therefore don’t be shy in using the first gear.
  • Switch off at longer red lights- some traffic signals are longer than others and can stay red for few minutes instead of seconds. During such stops, turn off your car engine to stop unnecessary fuel consumption. But do not turn off if the time is less than 30 seconds.
  • Use the AC wisely- the use of car AC’s have increased because of the changing weathers. But your AC takes a lot of battery power and fuel. So unless it is absolutely necessary, try avoiding the use car AC.
  • Tire pressure- always maintain the proper tire pressure. Studies have proven that doing so can increase the mileage up to 3 percent.
  • Maintenance- if your car servicing is due, go for it today. A car that is not maintained properly will not give you good mileage. Regularly get your spark plugs, air filter and fuel filter checked.
  • Keep the car light- the heavier the car, the more fuel it uses. Therefore try to keep your car as light as possible. Don’t allow junk to accumulate and remove any unnecessary luggage.
  • Go for cold fuel- due to its properties, fuel gets denser when it is cold. Try to visit the petrol station early in the morning because if it is denser than normal you will get more fuel for the same volume. After filling your tank, carefully close the fuel cap so that no fuel is evaporated.
  • Cut down trips- avoid taking out your car for anything and everything. The fewer trips you take the more fuel you save.
  • Use the right fuel- there are various types of fuel available in the market. If you select a fuel that is not suited with your car’s engine, the mileage will decrease. It is better to use engine oil recommended by the manufacturer.
  • If your gearbox has a manual mode, use it more instead of automatic shift.
  • Do not waste time after starting your car by doing fastening seat belts; adjusting mirrors etc. Do these things before starting the engine.
  • If you have time in your hand, follow a large vehicle like bus or truck. You can drive more hassle free that way and use less fuel.


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