What is ADHD ? Symptoms of ADHD in adults

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ADHD or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a type of behavioral disorder where people cannot concentrate on any one thing leading to inattention and restlessness. It is often detected in children because parents generally carefully monitor their children. Even if ADHD is cured in childhood, it may leave traces in adulthood; but in many cases, it is not diagnosed in childhood at all. In such cases, it can be very disruptive.

Dealing with adult ADHD is difficult. Adults are often not monitored as closely while even if you do detect the symptoms, you will find it very difficult to convince the person that he has ADHD.

Here are some of the symptoms that you can watch out for:

1.       A person with ADHD has poor listening skills. So, if you find someone who does not wait for other people to stop speaking but rather cuts through them, that person is likely to have ADHD.

2.      Adults with ADHD are impatient with traffic rules and are responsible for rash driving. This leads to accidents.

3.      A person with ADHD gets easily distracted by common noises like a doorbell, traffic noises etc.

4.      Poor organizational skills are the hallmark of ADHD. A cluttered home or a messy appointment diary is common for a person with ADHD.

5.      People with ADHD are chronically late. They cannot pay attention to details like time and unpunctuality becomes their eventual habit.

6.      People with ADHD are always restless. They simply cannot relax. Even when they sit down to relax, they are either tapping their feet or drumming their fingers or scribbling on paper.

7.      People with ADHD cannot begin new tasks

8.      They feel misunderstood and end up with bursts of anger.

9.      They are notoriously impatient.

10.   They cannot stick to commitments.

11.    Since they are highly disorganized, they keep losing things.

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