What is DLNA Technology?

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Though people use different types of digital gadgets and mobile phones, they are not well aware of the usage of DLNA system to upgrade electronic devices. To be frank, with time proceeding, the extensive application of DLNA in the entertainment industry is on the rise.

The abbreviation of DLNA is split into Digital Living Network Alliance. This hi-tech data transferring system is more user-friendly and less troublesome. DLNA is one of the highly sophisticated systems to bring the uniformity in the data channelization and transferring to make the digital devices more powerful and easy to access. DLNA is also a commercial organization which has launched DLNA certified products to facilitate people to have unlimited joy by watching movies and playing music.

DLNA has made a long lasting tie-up with digital products suppliers and dealers which earn profits by selling computers, electronic goods and mobile handsets. DLNA has brought the compact flexibility and guidance to operate the digital devices more efficiently. The digital content is easily transferable to other networking tools using the DLNA technology. It brings a massive change to the operating system to enhance the trouble free data conversion.

The UPnP or the universal plug and play system is used by DLNA supported devices to channelize digital text/files and snapshots to other electronic tools. There are three major areas of DLNA application include

  • Home networking tools like television and game consoles
  • Gripe safe mobile handsets include smart phones.
  • Home infrastructure devices such as routers and hubs.

DLNA based devices are used to operate the multi-tire communicative tools. You can use your smart phone to transfer data directly to your television set for watching slides of photos, and you can also operate the HDTV to watch movies after downloading movies from cam-recorders.

It stands to reason; the DLNA has been made more popular among high profile guys who like to use the compact sophisticated appliances. On the other hand, the recent introduction of DLNAPV/ premium video has made it clear that people can enjoy weekends by playing music, watching movies and checking the photo galleries at home without operating multiple platforms. Only DLLAPV can fulfill your dream by providing the full-fledged backup. It is just an entertainment hub to activate a number of devices on a single go.

DLNA has minimized the expense of time to watch videos, share pictures, snapshots, and slides from one system to another. DLNA communication networking hub stores the digital data in NAS drive for channelization of data. NAS works just like Cloud system. It protects data. It is more user- friendly and economic.

Now-a-days, a number of globally recognized companies like HTC, Samsung, HP, Panasonic, LG and Intel have taken up big projects to release their DLNA supported products. At a public conference, the CEO of HTC has admitted that chances of the utilization of DLNA technology to upgrade music system, television and other electronic devices will be brought under the DLNA networking system.

After surveys, experts have handpicked few major digitally upgraded electronic products which have the DLNA systems to strengthen the communicative system.

Categories to support DLNA network


  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Samsung Galaxy SII
  • Samsung i9000 Galaxy S
  • Sony Ericssson Xperia Arc
  • HTC Sensation
  • LG Optimus 2X
  • Motorola Defy +
  • Nokia E5


  • BRAVIA™ HD TV (LED & LCD) – HX925 Series
  • Digital Media Player
  • LG Media Station MS400

Gaming consoles

  • Sony Playstation CECHH00


  • D-link HD Media Router 3000 DIR-857


  • Sony Cybershot DSC-G3


  • HP Photosmart Premium Fax Printer CQ521

In music world, DLNA has changed the format of music playing method. You can shift musical track from mobile/smartphone to home theater supporting DLNA system. From computers to DLNA based musical gadgets, digital content/musical albums and snapshots are transferred more comfortably.

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