What is Makara jyothi & Makara Vilakku in Sabari Mala ? Is it a Scam?

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Makara Vilakku   is the light he appears three times  on the hills of sabarimala on makara sankarathi day only,while on other days the light or brightness seems to be disappeared, Many millions of devotes cames to sabarimala believe to be a sort of celestial and godly manifestation

But on other side we have think whether its a really a fact or scam??

Makara Vilakku is not a star  is lighted by devasom authorities and police mens now a days , but earlier times( around30 years sgo) it was lightened by trial peoples living there , They used to a huge fire token of respect to Lord Ayyappa, But now a days the  tribal peoples are not there in that part of the forest, Government officials have taken up the task.

But on the other hand Makara Jyothi is star or celestial light and is confirmed by scientist

Now a days the people misunderstand the makara vilaku is a makara jyothi or  star or lightned by god on makara vilaku day , Millions people is rushing to there to see makara jyothi & its a technique or a scam way to collect billions of rupees from donation by imposing a wrong belief in the name of God.

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