What is the difference between a Maoist and Naxalite

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The sudden advent of Maoist and Naxalite has changed the streamline of Indian history. If you look back to check the position of India in the world, you will be surprised to know that in spite of getting freedom from British rulers, this country has major internal problems like political disturbances, poor economic infrastructures, lack of education and to top it all the terrorism. To be frank, Maoists and Naxalites are tuned to get back their rights by struggling. They are called unwanted elements by Indian government. They put pressure on Indian higher authority to solve the incomplete land reform, gender bias, class division, unequal distribution of wealth and of course poor educational frameworks.

Maoist is a wing of Communist party of India. Comrades of Maoist struggle for snatching the status from the Indian Government. They demand separate state, rights to expressions and full participation into the nation building activities. Though Naxalite belongs to same feather, the agenda of the party is little bit different. However, both revolutionary groups try to establish their own rights which range from the availability of nutritious food, education, women emancipation, all round development of the lower berths of the society and cultural progression in the aboriginal areas. Naxalite has the connection with Naxalbari which is called a village in North Bengal. The oppressed under privilege class raised their fingers against the most influential class. Poverty ridden class in some parts of North Bengal inclusive of Naxalbari was compelled to spring back in protest against those who have money, political power and influence. They are powerful landlords, businessmen and administrators. They oppress the downtrodden class. The main objectives of Maoists and Naxalites lie in the removal of bondage of subjection of the poor class to the upscale society.

Maoist party came into existence long back to 2004. People’s War and Maoist Communist were merged to form this Maoist community to start a showdown with Indian Government. Many active members of Maoist and Naxalites had to kiss the burial ground due to struggle and war. They sacrificed their lives to uplift the lower division of the society. However, as they are not taking care of the interests of general citizens, Indian government has branded these two parties as anti-national organizations which pollute the society by spreading violence, family feud, religious disturbance and chauvinism.

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