Which Country Has the World’s high speed Internet connections?

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In the world of broadband services, South Korea has been graded first in terms of providing high speed internet connection. The average speed is pegged at 17.62 Mbps. However, the story doesn’t end here. More spices are in the air as European countries and the USA are performing well to run neck to neck with South Korea.

Couple of days ago, Pando Networks, content management service provider has conducted a survey by collecting 35 petabytes data which have been downloaded from 27 million sources. Around 224 countries have been shortlisted for doing the comparison study.

According to Pando, South Korea is the fastest internet service provider whereas Romania stands second in rank. In succession to Romania and Korea, there are other five countries like Latvia which are also excellent broadband service providers. However, experts claim that comparing to European and Asian countries, African continent is trailing behind. The dark world has not gained efficiency to increase the speed. African people like to use internet via mobiles. There are even some countries located in Africa which provide surprisingly low-tuned broadband speed. However, more information is coming out of the wallets as Andover offers maximum 22.41 Mbps speed to do online surfing. Though it sounds odd, the average broadband speed in the USA is around 4 mbps or little bit higher without touching 5 mbps. South Korea has achieved success in upgrading the internet service.

On the other hand, USA and Romania are planning to launch powerful satellite linked broadband services in future to overtake their rivals. However, nothing is now clear to date about the usage of such a powerful broadband service. South Korea is a small Asian country which has suffered from political imbroglio, economic pressure due to high inflation rate followed by social disturbances. It has had caustic showdown with North Korea. However, overtaking all difficulties and hurdles, this country has gained success in the upgradation of the internet connection.

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