Why customers Buy Laptops Preloaded with Free DOS?

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It has been commonly observed that people on the lookout for laptops; generally choose laptops devoid of software package. Renowned brands involved in the manufacture of laptops generally include both the packages- laptops loaded with the original package of Window7 & those without the same. Usually for the hardware package sold options are extended to concerned customers as to the choice of software.

Rather than going for the preloaded option of Window 7; customers are more prone to buying laptops loaded with free dos  operating system. Instead of free of cost DOS; others may have equivalent booting system in Linux. Manifold reasons are responsible for guiding buyers away from the purchase of hardware duly loaded with Window 7. First and foremost, cost or buyer’s economy has a substantial role to play in this regard. Hardware configurations only equipped with booting systems are far less expensive than those loaded with genuine software.

For accessibility to Window 7the concerned retailer is expected to cater to the charge of licensing fee. The fee payable to Microsoft on part of the concerned seller is passed on to the buyer. Consequently, when a buyer opts for the version free of the software package; he enjoys the simultaneous benefit in the shape of price reduction.

According to some of the retailers dealing in laptops; most buyers opt for hardware with the booting system of Free Data Operating System. They follow it up with the purchase of DVD bearing the licensed version of Windows7. The licensed version subsequently overwrites the booting system of the hardware. Separate overwriting gives them the requisite option for transferring the same software to another laptop or computer. But, on the other hand, buying laptop loaded with software implies that one can avail of the option for transferability. Besides these reasons, due safeguard from imitated or pirated software can also compel buyers from avoiding preloaded software.


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