Why do womens live longer than men ?

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Women live longer than men. In most cases they almost live about 5to 10 years longer than men. Often people say that men remain young while the women ages quickly. But a recent study confirms that people who have crossed100 years on earth are mostly women and not men. Research says that male hormone testosterone provoke men to live a very active young life, at the same age, women remains meek and lead a sober life.

How can a woman live longer?

To find out the answer to the question, just read the below mentioned points:

· Often it has been found that due to violent and rough lifestyle and behavior, men often die young and mostly between the age of 12 to 30 yrs.

· Men are prone to indulge in uncouth lifestyle. They get addicted in drugs, smoke and alcohol. Such kind of habit is less common with women. Therefore due to such unhealthy habit those products leave a bad effect on their health. Thus at a later age they fall victim to various life threatening disease.

· Men eat more than the women of his age. Over consumption of meat and rich foods provoke the rise of cholesterol levels in men. Hence at a later stage most men suffer from cardiovascular problems due to this reason.

· As per scientist’s opinion, a woman gets an added protection from the nature. At a certain age the sex hormones are controlled and women experiences menopause. The secretion of estrogen declines. But in men, testosterone continues to produce in same level. After a certain age, this over production of testosterone affects the health and in old age it is considered unhealthy.

Nature has created women more strong than men. Women give birth to child hence they can suffer extreme conditions and remain healthy. Thus in mammals female have tendency to live longer.

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