Why should you marry your best friend?

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You may sometimes hear that friendship and a romantic interest cannot go hand in hand. However, discovering the romantic side of a person whom you know and actually like can be just as exciting an adventure as the greatest romances. It is like discovering a new and wonderful meaning out of a favorite old book.

There are several benefits of marrying your best friend. The greatest one is probably the fact that you will be married to a person whom you not only love, but actually like, because the two does not always go hand in hand. This is a person with whom you can share everything. You have shown your best and your worst side to your best friend. He knows you when you have been angry and sad. He probably has seen you display those emotions that you had rather nobody witnessed. You too have seen your best friend at his best and his worst. The result is that, there is no need for pretences. Because when you love another person, you tend to put on your best face and your best behavior, even though you may be feeling something else entirely. With your best friend, there is no need to pretend. This makes for a level of honesty and openness in your relationship that you are unlikely to find anywhere else.

When you marry someone whom you have known perhaps for a few months, it takes time to find the comfort zone. In addition to the heady feeling of excitement, there is also a tinge of wariness because, after all, the person is an unknown quantity for you. When your best friend becomes your life partner, there is no apprehension or discomfort. There is only a deep feeling of security and a sense of completeness to help you embark on your romantic adventure.

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