Will Facebook ending on March 15th? True or not?

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If you decide to stop eating, drinking and making merry forever, how desert it will be to dampen all spirits and stamina etc. However, maybe it will be more to expect in this New Year. After the expiry of 2011, the New Year has come to people brining caboodle of undone resolutions. Suppose, if you planned to buy a concept cabriolet in 2011, you should fulfill your dream in 2012. New daylight, fresh morning, bright sky and of course a number of soft touches of your sweetheart will add up more color to your life. However at the same time, maybe you can get unprecedented vitriolic snapshots which can be fatal and painful. Imagine if you experience that your Facebook account is deactivated right now, how will you bear this pain? Rumors have no realistic foundation. Nor is it concrete like brick and mortar house. Rumors are fictitious. Mark Zuckerberg is a legend whose fantastic decision making power has come handy to Facebook users to share their sorrows, sufferings, gala days, weal and woes with their Facebook friends. This social network site has widened the scope for better communication.

Though heresies and fake beliefs are baseless, perhaps it produces ultra light negative impact on those who start sewing cobwebs of doubts, myths and wrong assumption. Facebook may be closed forever after the end of February or in the middle of March. This type of rumor is hovering just like flying ashes. Mark has told his associates, friends and his beloved members that Facebook has earned appreciation, accolades and rewards due to outstanding performance and contribution to reinforce the rapport via online. 500 million or more online people use Facebook for different purposes. So it doesn’t necessitate Mark to backtrack home to slip into comforter at home after downing the shutters of Facebook portal.

On the 15th March, Facebook will not face death penalty. It will be alive as long as Facebook lovers want. It has become an indispensable part of human society. Let crimson sunlight bath you for rejuvenating your soul. You will have to stand firm to face the eventuality boldly. Facebook is not an octogenarian oldie. It is young and energetic. Facebook is evergreen in beauty and elegance. So, none should be worried about the pre-matured death of this social networking portal. It will last for million daylights to serve for human beings.

Here is the attached newspaper report mentioning facebook death

This is news published by a yellow newspaper for increasing  their circulation and publicity

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