World Trade Centre to come up in Bangalore

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Bangalore, Aug 26 (ANI): A leading developer, the Brigade Group, obtained a license from the World Trade Centre Association to build the coveted building in Bangalore.

The board of directors of the Brigade Group disclosed this to the media persons at Bangalore on Wednesday.

According to provisions granted under the license, the developer would classify and manage the 1,000 square feet premises of a mixed project called the ”Gateway” as the World Trade Centre in the city.

Chairman of the Brigade Group, M R Jai Shankar, said the WTCA certification testified the unrelenting pursuit of quality and global standard in all the works undertaken by Brigade group, and that the WTC would add significant value to the process and growth of international businesses.

“The primary objective of World Trade Centre Association is to bring prosperity and peace through trade, be it national or international. Bringing the World Trade Centre to Bangalore would showcase it on the international map. It will become a primary address for businesses across the world,” said M R Jai Shankar.

The World Trade Centre at Bangalore would be the second WTC in the country after the one at Cuffe Parade in Mumbai. (ANI)

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