Your Pain endurance comes from your genes

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Recent sources tell us that a person’s endurance to pain depends on his genes. Scientists have found out the fact that a person’s differences in his genes results in the difference levels of intensity of pain that he or she can stand. Sensitivity to pain comes from genetic possibilities.

A certain kind of genes helps to work together and helps in order to regulate the amount of pain. Hence a person feels les pain from any injury of any kind. This study has been elaborately published in a journal called PLOS genetics. This study was led by the King’s College of London, which has given ample evidence that a certain kind of genes helps in the regulation of chronic pain in some persons. This has also highlighted the road to the potential point of relief from pain and in this way helps in treating the person.

This research has taken a new process in order to study and in the comparison of exome sequencing, which are a particular kind of DNA. This has helped the researchers in the identification of the variations that occur in the genes that are related to the sensitivity of pain. A report says that one out of every five people in the world experiences chronic pain in their lives. It has been identified as a socio-economic burden and a personal problem.

The pain treatments that are in use currently lead to some kind of side effects or have varied efficacy. Hence, this new way of treating pains have proven to be quite exciting. Researcher Williams have elaborated on this topic in his reports. He has found out that those people who are the most sensitive to pain that they encounter daily in their lives are more likely to develop chronic pains. The researcher put the test on 2500 participants by using a heating pain in their arms.

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