YouTube Live allows partners to monetise Live Shows

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YouTube Live’s first gift for their birthday to their partners is that they present monetize option for the love shows which would be broadcasted by the partners of YouTube Live. They have allowed their partners to fix the range as per the country for the live shows that are to be broadcasted. They can do all this by paid options or instream ads, whichever they find convenient for their use. This feature is however, not applicable for all the users of YouTube Live. At present it is limited to the users from US, UK, France, Canada and Japan. In order to support this feature, YouTube Live has built new software which is named Wirecast. It lets publishers to broadcast shows from their computer.

YouTube assures that the videos that are shown look professional. In addition to all this, it allows publishers to access real time analytics. It informs the publisher how many people view the live show at present. Other details are limited and for more details we have to wait a bit further. Till then let us see how it works and how well it performs.

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